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Emirates Anti-Narcotics Award

Page last updated: December 31, 2020


To mark the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (World Drug Day), the National Anti-Narcotics Council launched the Emirates Anti-Narcotics Award, in support of institutional and governmental efforts in the fight against drugs. This complements institutional efforts to promote awareness amongst community members of the dangers of drug use and abuse and the negative security, economic social and health impact of this objectionable phenomenon.

The Ministry of Interior seeks to implement the UAE’s future vision to achieve global leadership in all fields through cooperation with relevant government bodies and local community institutions and members to achieve the highest levels of security and combat drugs in a leading and sustainable manner.


  • Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts: Encouraging drug addicts to overcome their psychological issues and assisting them to prevent the potential legal, financial and social consequences of relapse.
  • Combating Drug Trafficking: Endeavoring to reduce drug trafficking into the UAE through the various entry and border points.
  • Reducing Drug Supply and Demand Opportunities:Seeking to curtail drug supply opportunities by areesting drug dealers and traffickers. .
  • Prevention and Awareness: Endeavoring to reduce demand for drugs by enforcing prevention measures and acquainting community members with the dangers of drug use and abuse.
  • Involving Civil Society: Encouraging civil society to support and contribute to the efforts to combat drugs
  • Supporting Social Integration: Encouraging all governmental and non-governmental sectors to take part in promoting the social integration policy
  • Building Strategic Partnerships: Reinforcing strategic partnerships between the various concerned government sectors.
  • Strengthening International Cooperation:Boosting international cooperation in the fight against drug production and trafficking networks
  • Motivating Knowledge Sharing: Encouraging knowledge sharing and distinguished practices in the fight against drugs between relevant institutions
  • Enhancing Skills of Anti-Drug Personnel: Building the capacities and skills of human resources in combating drugs
  • Innovation: Leveraging innovation to develop and improve drug-fighting operations

Award Categories

    1.The Best Joint Anti-Drugs Team
    2.The Best Anti-Drugs Experience
    3.The Best Rehabilitation Experience
    4.The Best Entity in Achieving the Strategy
    5.The Best Anti-Drugs Employee
    6.The Best Inspection Officer
    7.The Innovation category
    8.The Community service category
    9.The Best School Essay on the Fight Against Drugs
    10.The Best University Essay on the Fight Against Drugs
    11.The Best Prevention and Awareness Technical Essay
    12.The Best Awareness Paper on the Harmful Effects of Drugs


The award will undergo an assessment and governance process under the supervision of the Institutional Excellence Department at the Ministry of Interior, which manages the implementation process and ensures governance (justice, transparency, responsibility and accountability). The Anti-Narcotics Council will adopt all initiatives designed to promote, provide technical support and honor winners of the award’s various categories, through a joint team with the Corporate Excellence Department.

Award Dates and Deadlines

The award spans the time period from June 26, 2018 to April 2019, and will include several stages of technical support, entries’ assessment and judging panel decision of participations, which culminates with a ceremony to honor winners of the first phase. The dates outlined below aim to ensure equal opportunities and neutrality amongst participating parties. Your support is kindly required to allow organizing entities to implement the program as planned.



Winners Honoring Ceremony

April 2019

Assessment and Judging of Entries

5/2/2019 – 31/3/2019

Entry Deadline and Start of Assessment


Provision of Technical Support and Preparation of Applications

 1/2/2019 - 26/6/2018 

Launch of the Award


N.B: You are kindly required to send final projects via email on: eaan@moi.gov.ae
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