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MOI Excellence Award

Page last updated: December 31, 2020


The Minister of Interior’s Excellence Award

Award for distinguished students studying abroad 


To push and motivate the Emirati distinguished students studying abroad, encourage innovation and creativity in all fields that aim to improve institutional performance in the country and maintain a bright image of UAE student representation of their country abroad, thereby providing a positive image of the country.


The award targets all Emirati students sent by the MOI, government and private institutions in the UAE to study anywhere in the world.

Award Categories

National Representation Category

This award is granted to the best three students for their commendable representation of the country; projecting the Emirati identity through their respect and commitment to the laws and regulations; their excellence in the contribution to community and environmental activities and  their outstanding achievement in academic work. The following criteria applies: 

  • Student's role in reflecting the Emirati national identity at official or non-official occasions.
  • Respect and commitment to the laws and regulations of the host academic institution, giving a positive image of the UAE. 
  • Student's participation in the official and voluntary social and environmental activities organized by the host academic institution. 
  • Distinguished academic record. 
  • Keenness to develop extramural capabilities and skills in a field other than his own.
Innovative Ideas Category

The award is granted to innovative ideas that aim to realize distinguished institutional performance, provide new and innovative solutions to the problem, thus helping to improve and develop institutional performance in the country. The following criteria applies:

  • Contribution of the idea towards achieving the UAE government's objectives in general, and the MOI strategic objectives, in particular. www.government.ae / www.moi.gov.ae
  • Clarity of the problem and the cause of innovative idea.
  • Availability of innovation elements and excellence in the idea.
  • The ease and applicability of implementing the innovative idea.
  • Availability of tools for measuring the impact of the innovative idea on the institution's performance and community satisfaction. 

How to participate

All Emirati students studying abroad in any country are eligible to compete for both categories of the Award, through award@moi.gov.ae

Terms of Participation

  • Nominations are received according to the regulations of each award edition. 
  • Consider the technical and formal requirements for the Minister of Interior’s Excellence Award in order to avoid rejection.
  • Nomination files must be prepared by the applicant, Ministry staff or competent experts, without the help of external bodies.
  • Grievances, supported by relevant documents, can be made within a maximum period of two weeks after announcement of the results.


The winners in each category will get financial awards as follows: 

  • The first winner: AED 50,000
  • The second winner: AED 30,000
  • The third winner: AED 20,000 

For more details, please contact: 
+971 50 8263310 or award@moi.gov.ae
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