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Open Data Guideline

Page last updated: February 07, 2024

Concept of open data

It comprises government data that is readily accessible, allowing any individual or entity to utilize, reuse, publish, or distribute it without constraints. This also includes government information that is proactively disclosed, published, and made accessible by governments on the Internet without restrictions hindering access.

Framework for open data

Various details from different agencies and systems within the Ministry of Interior, encompassing the following data:
  1. Traffic data.
  2. Civil Defense data.
  3. Operations (criminal).
  4. Service centers.

Extent of benefit from open data

  1. Collaborate with the Federal Competitiveness And Statistics Centre to ensure the timely completion of the file in accordance with specified requirements.
  2. Categorize, organize, define, and sort data based on approved standards for open data (Meta Data – Data Set – Data Dictionary).
  3. Explore the intricacies of the data, assess its maturity, and address any gaps identified during the process.

Open data journey

The journey posed a challenge for the Ministry of Interior as it competed with all participating government agencies in advancing government data (open data), aiming for top positions and pursuing the primary objective of enhancing the Ministry of Interior's reputation and securing prominent ranks in this field.

Importance of open data

Upon examining the open data file and its details, we recognized the significance of this data and its advantages in endorsing an approach that emphasizes transparency, fosters economic growth, encourages new and innovative ideas, and contributes to prosperity, among other benefits.
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