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Page last updated: January 11, 2022


The creation of the federation of the United Arab Emirates on the second of December 1971 was a culmination of the assiduous work and continuous effort of the founding fathers, who all joined hands to raise the flag of the Union. They came together to build a modern nation that realizes people’s longing for unity and embodies their ambitions to achieve prosperity and progress, as well as their aspirations for strength, pride and dignity. The unified security in the UAE has always been the true expression of the territorial integrity of the state and the solidarity of its people with the judicious leadership.

The establishment of the Ministry of Interior went along the creation of the state as one of the major federal bodies. In this way, all police and security services were unified to meet one of the vital objectives agreed upon unanimously by His Highness the President of the State and his brothers, Their Highnesses, members of the Supreme Council and rulers of the Emirates.

The great interest in unifying security services across the state was based on a fundamental fact, that security and safety are among the necessities of life, a major cornerstone in achieving renaissance, progress and comprehensive development all over the country. This unity enhances the efficiency and capabilities of security services to protect domestic security and national achievements, and to ensure sustainable stability in a way that strengthens the federal entity and reinforces its pillars.

Basic roles and responsibilities

The growing development which the United Arab Emirates witnessed since the establishment of the Union until now has led to increasing and diversified tasks undertaken by police personnel. So, the Ministry of Interior had to keep pace with the comprehensive development through optimum preparedness by developing the means, capabilities and potentials, and the establishment of modern police that possess competent personnel and the necessary capabilities to confront crime, establish security and public order, and ensure stability and safety for all citizens and residents of the country. The Ministry has many roles and responsibilities, most notably protecting the security of the state against domestic threats, setting the general policy for the prevention and control of crime and supervising its implementation, establishing and organizing the federal security forces and supervising them, coordinating and enhancing cooperation among police forces across all emirates, and supervising the traffic safety system on federal roads. The Ministry also ensures the protection for lives, facilities and property, and strengthens community partnership to achieve greater security and stability.

Methodology and foundations of policing

The Ministry of Interior is keen on ensuring the security and stability for citizens and residents alike. So, it strives to achieve this noble national goal through a comprehensive security strategy that takes into account in all its policies, procedures and practices, the provisions of the constitution and other legislations in place, in accordance with the principles and rules of human rights.

The Ministry has pursued a new approach based on scientific and methodological foundations to develop its human and material capabilities and keep pace with the comprehensive progress across the UAE and future developments in various fields. This is achieved by constantly ensuring the highest levels of readiness, preparedness and speedy response, to enhance security, safety and help all members of the UAE community feel reassured.

The Ministry of Interior seeks to adopt a balanced approach that combines crime prevention and detection, in cooperation with all relevant authorities, bodies and authorities. It also endeavors to confront transnational organized crimes of all kinds in cooperation and coordination with relevant regional and international organizations and institutions to strengthen security, stability and prosperity.

The Ministry is also keen on catching up with the latest technological developments, by putting in place AI and modern technologies in operations and communication. Through these technologies, the Ministry can provide smart and electronic services to all segments of the community in accordance with the best international standards.
The security strategy of the Ministry of Interior covers the state, the society and the individual and aims to enhance the quality of security life by ensuring flexibility, proactiveness and innovation. This in turn consolidates the role of the security system in achieving the wellbeing of Emirati society, protecting its security and maintaining its stability, while maintaining full preparedness for changes and keeping abreast with global developments.

Continuous success

The Ministry of Interior has realized and still realizes many achievements in maintaining and enhancing security across the country, through its strategic development plans based on qualified national personnel who are well equipped with the latest technologies. The Ministry expanded its smart and electronic services offered to the general public according to comprehensive plans that meet both present and future requirements. In order to encourage positive citizenship and the spirit of cooperation and proactivity, the Ministry of Interior, through its initiatives, campaigns and unique programs to raise security awareness, has contributed to stepping up the levels of community partnership among police services and the community, including individuals, agencies and establishments. The Ministry seeks, through such efforts, to establish joint responsibility to protect the country’s achievements and stand up to various security challenges through a clear forward-looking vision to ensure the sustainable security and stability in the society and to achieve regional and global leadership.

The Ministry of Interior is a major federal agency in the UAE, given its pioneering and effective work which clearly contributes to enhancing security and stability. The Ministry supports government objectives that aim to advance the country’s comprehensive progress. The Ministry’s main goal is to reach a safer society and maintain order and security, prevent crime, promote a sense of security, and contribute to achieving justice through the rule of law, and preserving the authority of the state by maintaining effective police services both in the field and in practice.

The Ministry has therefore adopted a consistent and harmonious administrative methodology through which it efficiently struck a balance between meeting the new requirements and the available resources. This contributed to laying down solid foundations and rules, ensuring effective preparation of human capital to maintain security and safety in a society witnessing a growing diversity in cultural backgrounds and ethnicity. The Ministry always takes into account the diverse spectrums of the society in all its initiatives, strategic plans and field services.

The Ministry of Interior has exerted strenuous efforts in building and developing its security services and specifying their roles and responsibilities in a short period of time. Through its active role and outstanding performance, the Ministry was capable of achieving the strategy of the UAE government and the objectives of the national agenda. Through its advanced and highly efficient security services, the Ministry has proven its worth and was up to expectations in achieving the desired safety and protecting the community against various types of crime and threats. In addition, the Ministry conducted its operations pursuant to the government’s directions in developing government services in line with the best international levels. It offered smart services according to the leading state-of-the-art technologies, thus contributing to the process of modernization and development in police work. In this way, the Ministry managed to maintain security and remained open to the world to ensure the wellbeing of the population all over the country.

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