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Criteria for assessment and honoring of partners

Page last updated: January 12, 2022
Ministry of Interior partners are evaluated based on the following number of standards and partners that achieve 90% are honored:

  1. The partner's support within the context of achieving the strategic objectives and realizing the main purpose of the partnership.
  2. The magnitude and importance of the projects and programs to which the partners contribute  as part of the mutual partnership with the Ministry; the added value which contributes to MOI duties and results such as reducing crime rates, reducing traffic accidents, increasing the revenues and the support programs that involve community members, and so forth.
  3. The partner's support in organizational development and knowledge exchange, such as:
    • Exchanging information and statistics
    • Mutual training sessions
    • Providing suggestions for development 
    • Exchanging brochures, leaflets and publications
    • Participating in joint conferences and seminars
  4. Partner's readiness during implementation of  joint programs.
  5. Effectiveness of the partner to follow-up with the joint project and programs, exchange information, and submit periodic progress reports.
  6. The level of the partner's resilience and cooperation in dealing with issues and obstacles which might hinder implementation of joint projects.
  7. Availability of work plan with the partner to organize implementation of joint projects, define roles and responsibilities as well as completion timeframe. 
  8. Partner's  compliance with the provided operations and services, and his  commitment to quality and service requirements in conjunction with the agreements and MoUs signed with the Ministry.
  9. Partner's contribution to resolving the main problems– outside the scope of partnership -  that might impact MOI operations or improve security performance. 
  10. Efficiency of the staff working with the partner or  the entities that organize communication and coordination  with the Ministry. 
  11. commitment of the partner to attend planned or impromptu meetings discuss and address issues of partnership projects .
  12. Participation in the joint teams and committees for work development discussions. 
  13. Partner's publication of his successful experiences and innovative applications that might improve MOI operation.
  14. Willingness to accept improving operations performance, facilitating procedures, and developing the  services.
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