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The Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan councils

Page last updated: April 19, 2022


It is noteworthy that The Ramadan Councils "Majalis" which the Ministry of Interior is keen to organize every year in the various emirates of the country, provide suggestions and recommendations that enhance the quality of services and contribute to the stability and security of society.

In these Majalis everyone is active partners in the development and construction process that the country is witnessing in all fields and has an important role .Thus they play as a social and intellectual forum to discuss issues of concern to society, and to spread ideas that enhance social cohesion and solidarity. They participate in shaping the opinions of young people to come up with the humanitarian initiatives that benefit society and the nation, and they are a places where they young learn customs and traditions and take experience in facing life affairs .

11 years of constructive national dialogues

The Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan councils " Majalis" were launched in their first sessions in 2012, where they were held in the form of a Ramadan tent that roamed the emirates of the country. Then they were organed at the homes of citizens to hold these Ramadan sessions in their councils, to add a kind of cordiality to the discussions and create a general feeling among every citizen, that state institutions are at the service of the citizen.

In 2014, in order to expand the scope of work and advance the vision of the councils, the ministry decided to choose the UAE Vision 2021 as a general topic for the Ramadan councils " Majalis" under the slogan “2021...a vision of leadership and community interaction”, to put under its shade all the basic elements and themes addressed by the vision as an integrated system for the future that The leadership draws it to the Emirati personality, whether it is embodied in the individual, the institution or the state.

In the year 2015, the Ministry of Interior opened the door wide for the public discuss its most important services, and to hear from them directly about the how to carry out its mission and achieve its goals, They were for hearing from the public remarks on MOI performance, and its aspirations towards better service and higher performance.

In 2016, and in its fifth season, the Ramadan councils" Majalis" , which were held under the slogan “This is what Zayed likes,” discussed a set of human values that form the nucleus on which the Emirati society was founded by the founder of the state, Sheikh Zayed, may God have mercy on him, who drew the essential Emirati features for the state and the individual, thus forming the ground Solid of values, morals and human vision.

As for the activities of the sixth session of the Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan councils" Majalis" at the state level in 2017, under the title “Generations Resuming Civilization.” The topics of the councils, which were held in cooperation with the Emirates Youth Council, came in response to the vision of the wise leadership of the state, and their topics were inspired by the speech of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, at the government summit entitled "Resume Civilization" and the speech of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, in His Highness' Council "For Future Generations".

And in 2018, in its seventh session, the Ramadan councils of the Ministry of Interior came up with the slogan “Emirates ... Number One” and the topic of “Artificial Intelligence” was among seven topics for discussion this year, in six councils held for this purpose at the state level, and discussions centered on the employment of artificial intelligence

In its eighth session in 2019, the Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan councils" Majalis" discussed a number of vital societal issues under the title "Human Fraternity", where 70 councils were held at the state level, including 14 women's councils focusing on the topic "Women and Children", the "Emirati Model", and discussed the topics "Values of Peace" and " Combating discrimination and hatred,” “the scourge of terrorism,” “the East-West relationship,” “the Emirates and the industry of tolerance,” “disseminating morals,” “senior citizens and people of determination,” and “women and children.”

The Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan councils" Majalis" began in its ninth session for the year 2020, at a different end with the Corona pandemic, as it was held in a smart manner through remote communication techniques and carried the slogan “Emirates of the Future” “Ready for the Fifty” and discussed 7 main topics, including “Emirati Legacy” "Quality of life”, “future resources”, “convergence of civilizations”, “age of the impossible”, “growth and sustainability” and “safe haven”, which were discussed remotely in these seven selected topics.

In 2021, the Ministry of Interior’s Ramadan virtual councils " Majalis" Tenth session were held again through remote visual communication techniques, and in line with the fiftieth year, they dealt with a number of topics related to artificial intelligence, work in the future, digital quality of life, balance between life and work, happiness and quality of life, in addition to innovative talents, a group of experts and academics from outside the country participated in it.

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