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Page last updated: January 12, 2022


Major Functions


Impressive Record

The creation of the federation of the United Arab Emirates on the second of December 1971 was a culmination of the people’s aspiration for unity, prosperity, and dignity. From the early days, there was consensus that security is a function that needs to be handled by a federal authority. Hence, the creation of a federal ministry of interior soon after the creation of the Federation was in recognition of its vital importance as an indispensable federal institution.
There has always been consensus on the need for integrating police and security agencies, particularly from His Highness the UAE President and his brothers, Their Highnesses the members of the Supreme Council and rulers of the emirates. That emphasis on having a unified security apparatus nationwide has been instrumental in the ensuing achievements accomplished by the Ministry, which has played a pivotal role in enhancing security and stability throughout the country.

Major Functions
The phenomenal development the UAE has witnessed since its evolution called for highly skilled and well equipped police apparatus that can effectively fight crime and ensure safety and stability for citizens and expatriates.
The Ministry runs a variety of functions on top of them are ensuring peace and security, organizing and managing security and police forces, organizing traffic on local and internal roads, and providing security and safety of premises and properties.

The Ministry’s primary focus is on ensuring security for citizens and expatriates living on this land. This is driven by the contention that security is an indispensable pillar for progress and development.
The Ministry has adopted a new, methodological approach for boosting its human and physical assets in tune with the fast pace of development in all spheres.
The challenges are formidable, it is needless to say; however, the key to success lies in our ability to understand our environment and adapt our action accordingly. We should always seek new ways to communicate effectively with all segments of the society, provide them with comfort and peace, and continue to meet their needs.
The Ministry strives to strike the right balance between prevention and detection of crimes. We lay special emphasis on communicating right and accurate information through our community police branch, in cooperation with the various stakeholders.
Our security strategy is future-oriented. We need to be well prepared to respond flexibly and appropriately to local and external changes.

Impressive Record
The Ministry has adopted well-researched development plans geared toward enhancing our human and physical capabilities and improving public services. These plans are based on sound short and long term strategies. Great emphasis is laid on cooperation and initiative, and boosting partnership with the community.
As one of the major federal organizations, the Ministry is playing a pioneering role in establishing security and stability. It aspires to maintain order and security, eliminate crime, and contribute to the prevalence of justice and law.
We have adopted a sound management system and managed to meet significant challenges with the available resources. We are endeavoring to prepare our teams and provide them with the necessary skills to maintain security and stability. In a culturally and ethnically diverse environment like the UAE, interaction with the community will always be at the core of our strategic thinking and actual operations.
The Ministry has managed in a short span to build considerable capabilities and highly sophisticated security teams capable of protecting society against the perils of crime. These efforts are contributing to the UAE’s endeavors to build an ultra-modern state and position itself as a regional and international business hub.


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