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Page last updated: April 19, 2021
The Ministry of Interior's Office of International Affairs organized a virtual workshop titled "Cybercrimes" in cooperation with the member states of the International Security Alliance, to present major challenges faced by each country. The workshop also aims to help members states benefit from the experiences which other countries in the Alliance have gone through and how they addressed these crimes amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the workshop, representatives of the countries of the International Security Alliance made brief presentations and explanation of the efforts made by the countries of the Security Alliance to handle cybercrimes during the pandemic. Attendees presented their experiences in combating this kind of crimes, and the measures put in place by these countries to deal with them during the crisis.

Before concluding the workshop, discussion was opened and representatives from the Security Alliance countries responded to the questions and inquiries raised by the participants.

It noteworthy that the International Security Alliance, hosted by the Secretariat of the UAE Ministry of Interior in since its launch, consists of ten countries, namely the State of Israel, the Republic of Italy, the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of Slovakia, the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Republic of Singapore, the Republic of Senegal, the Kingdom of Morocco and the two founding countries, the UAE and France.
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