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The application of "HEMAYATI" to child safety

Page last updated: August 31, 2020
The application is a smart initiative to receive reports of child abuse by which it is possible to open reports of child abuse in a simplified way, and keep the identity of the amount and the victims confidential, where the communication is transferred to the appropriate police departments to deal with it immediately

The Ministry of the Interior has adopted several community initiatives to promote community partnership as the most important factor in raising awareness of child protection issues against abuse. It has developed its strategic partnership-based strategy and emphasized the role that private sector institutions can play with government bodies, Community-based approach aimed at serving and protecting community members.

"HEMAYATI" is available through Apple Store, IOS for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android smartphones. And in the vision of the Federal Government in 2021 to make the UAE the safest and safest country in the world by achieving a 100% sense of security, the time period for responding to emergency calls during a record period, and employing the latest technology to achieve the vision of the Government of the United Arab Emirates.

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