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The UAE efforts in drug control

Page last updated: June 16, 2024
  • Tuesday, August 03,2021

The UAE efforts in drug control follow a comprehensive strategy addressing this threat which poses a grave danger to countries all over the world. The UAE worked continuously to update laws and legislations related to drug control. On the security front, the police and security authorities have worked hard, through their comprehensive security strategy, to consolidate the state of security and stability in the country through keeping abreast of modern developments and using the best technologies to achieve the best levels of security. Thanks to this, the Federal General Department for Drug Control was able to bust the plans of drug dealers, and thwart trafficking operations in the past years.

Al Suwaidi added that the Ministry of Interior's control efforts contributed to limiting the supply and demand for drugs. It launched an initiative to determine the extent of drug spread in the country according to the highest successful international practices and experiences, and also created an electronic platform in outstanding cooperation with the health sector in the UAE to monitor dispensing drugs to reduce their misuse. He pointed out that the Ministry pays great attention to drug control, as it has provided all human, technical and material capabilities for the country's control agencies to enable them to carry out their duties in confronting this issue, and to cooperate with the concerned authorities at all national, regional and international levels.

He further explained that 2020 was an exceptional year, as Covid-19 changed the pattern of drug smuggling, dealing and trafficking, and this also affected the trend of abuse, as gangs turned to new methods of drug smuggling, and the electronic marketing and promotion of drugs became a challenge with which the Ministry dealt with firmly.

He pointed out that the annual report on drug crimes in 2020, issued by the Federal Anti-Narcotics Department at the Ministry of Interior, reflects the efforts and achievements that have been made, both at the local and international levels. The number of suspects arrested at the local level in drug crimes reached 6,973, and the quantities seized across the state last year reached 18003 kilograms. These figures indicate the great efforts made by the control agencies to address this issue. 

At the international level, the Ministry busted networks of drug smuggling and trafficking through mutual regional and international cooperation with counterpart agencies in other countries. Al Suwaidi also stressed that the Ministry gives great attention to delivery operations monitored by the Ministry, given the success attained in such operations in reaching all parties involved in the cases of drug smuggling and trafficking. The Ministry is keen to strengthen international and effective coordination in order to enhance the security of societies.

The UAE Ministry of Interior, for five years in a row, came first in the award for the best field informational and operational cooperation at the Arab, regional and international levels, which led to busting drug smuggling networks. The award is given by the Secretariat General of the Council of Arab Interior Ministers.

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