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Page last updated: May 28, 2024
  • Monday, June 27,2022

The campaign " Your Safety is our Priority " is in line with the efforts of the Ministry of Interior to achieve the highest levels of safety and prevention in protecting society. A systematic plan that takes into account the priorities and the needs of society and keeps pace with all changes and modern technologies.

We are continuing our awareness-raising efforts in addition to our field work, as awareness is a major part of prevention and plays a vital role in reducing injuries and deaths resulting from fire accidents, and we are keen to involve all segments of society and its working institutions in order to expand the base of beneficiaries of these awareness campaigns, strengthening our community partnership.

The activities of the campaigns and awareness initiatives emanating from them range from messages through social networking sites, lectures, awareness workshops, and participation in events and exhibitions across the country, in addition to the diversity in the use of languages in a way that includes all members of Emirati society.

The importance to take all preventive measures to protect lives and property through the optimal use of all capabilities, modern techniques ,mechanisms, and manpower to work on implementing awareness programs to enhance prevention efforts to face risks and challenges.

Major General Jaseem Mohammed Al Marzouqi, General Commander of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior

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