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Share your opinion about measures to bolster community safety during emergencies and inclement weather changes

Page last updated: January 15, 2024
  • Monday, January 15,2024

Consultation Subject:

The Ministry of Interior cordially invites the esteemed public to express their views on measures aimed at bolstering community safety in the face of emergencies and inclement weather changes.

The objective of consultation:

Through this consultation, the Ministry of the Interior aims to assess diverse opinions and proposals concerning the system of procedures and precautionary measures during emergency events and weather fluctuations. The primary objective is to ensure the safety of society, enhance security, safeguard lives, protect property, preserve the nation's achievements and advancements, and provide optimal services to the community.

Expected decisions as a result of consultation:

Updating the system of procedures and precautionary measures to respond effectively to emergency events and weather fluctuations.

Open Date: November 01, 2023
Closed Date: November 30, 2023


Through thorough examination and analysis of public opinions and suggestions regarding this request for input, the Ministry has diligently worked towards incorporating enhancements into the traffic laws. These modifications specifically target the safety of society, particularly during emergencies and variations in weather conditions.

The purpose of these amendments is to shore up the initiatives of the relevant authorities in a legal and institutional way, particularly in relation to their preventive actions during emergencies, crises, disasters, and the consequences arising from heavy rainfall and variations in weather conditions. Consequently, adjustments have been incorporated into the articles of the law to reinforce these measures and underscore the critical importance of adhering to instructions and safety protocols.

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