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Page last updated: December 29, 2020


Gamification techniques are the use of games in contexts beyond the usual purposes of the games. The UAE has applied this technology to spread awareness of electronic services and promote their use.
Gamification Techniques Definition
According to the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development  (OECD), Gamification means the use of electronic games in contexts that go beyond the usual purposes of games, and considered as test methods that can be used to employ game elements in educational activities, while maintaining the elements of fun.
Encourages participation and interaction: One of the most important advantages of gamification is that it motivates you to participate by competing with others.

Uses prizes (points - badges - levels) as incentives: The use of the principle of gamification, through the different levels between you and the others; All of you will certainly work hard until you reach the level or get a set of badges. 

In this context, the Ministry of Interior provides an integrated platform to activate the techniques of gamification, including:
1- The possibility of participating in the electronic game Professional fire fighter , which contributes to enhance awareness of types of fire and appropriate tools to combat the fire, by providing participants with the necessary skills and information through each stage.
2- The Learning Management System allows customers to learn from distance for electronic and smart services provided by the electronic platforms of the Ministry of Interior.
3- Link the electronic payment gateway to the gamification platform so that the points of the customer are being credited on his account instantly.
To participate, please click here.

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