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Issue an accident report against an unknown person

Page last updated: February 06, 2024


Traffic & Licensing

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From Government to Business, From Government to Government, From Government to People

Service Beneficiary

Companies, Individuals, Government Entities

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Mobile app Service Centers Website

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5 Minutes

Issue an accident report against an unknown person

Service Description

Service Description
It is one of the MoI services approved by the Cabinet resolution No.30 of 2017 concerning the issuance of an accident report against an unknown person for traffic accidents in which the data of one of the accident's parties has not been reached. An accident report against an unknown person is issued for minor accidents in some Emirates through private companies under an agreement whereby the customer obtains an accident report against an unknown person

Service Execution Steps

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1- Visit MOI Website, SAAED Website or Rafid Website 
2- Submit the application
3- Follow the instructions

Service Requirements

Vehicle Registration Card - Driving License

Service Fees Details

Federal Fees
AED 400
Local Fees
Not Available
Not Available
Payment Method
Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) E-dirham

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Inspection of damaged vehicle - Investigate the accident.

Working hours to provide service

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According to the service center working hours
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