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Page last updated: January 05, 2022
introductory meeting on Arab Gulf Security 3 Exercise
  • Wednesday, January 05,2022

introductory meeting on Arab Gulf Security 3 Exercise

An extensive introductory meeting was held at the Dubai Police Academy on the Arab Gulf Security 3 Exercise. The security drill is scheduled to be held in the first quarter of 2022 in Saudi Arabia, with the participation of all GCC police units in the countries

. It comes as a continuation of this strategic GCC tactical exercise, held for the first time in the Kingdom Bahrain in 2016, while the second edition was held in the UAE in 2020. It aims to step up joint cooperation and raise the level of coordination and readiness to confront crises and emergency situations, as well exchanging experiences and know-how among participating countries.

The meeting was attended by directors and officials of the participating UAE police units in the presence of Brig. Gen. Dr. Ali Al Tenaiji, Director General of Federal Central Operations in the Ministry of Interior.

The meeting included a review of the general agenda of the exercise as well as giving instructions, tasks and responsibilities of the participating forces, stages of implementation, and the necessary technical and security preparations and equipment, as well as the assumptions and scenarios which will be included in the third exercise.

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