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Page last updated: November 25, 2022
Announces rules to be followed during celebrations of the 51st UAE National Day
  • Friday, November 25,2022

Announces rules to be followed during celebrations of the 51st UAE National Day

The Ministry of Interior has set a number of rules that must be followed during the country's celebrations of the 51st National Day, to ensure civilized and safe celebrations filled with happiness and joy, and to protect the safety of people and property.

The Ministry stressed the importance of refraining from disturbing the vibes of the celebrations by not adhering to safety requirements and traffic laws. It also caller on everybody to avoid behaviors that cause inconvenience to those joining the festivities. 

Major rules include the prohibition of organizing parades and random gatherings, mandatory adherence to traffic rules by celebrants, as well as the instructions of police officers, and not using sprays by motorists, passengers, or pedestrians. 

Obligations also include not effacing the front or rear number plates, changing the color of the vehicle, blackout or tinting the windshield, and not writing any phrases or placing inappropriate stickers on the vehicle.

Vehicles may not carry passengers more than the authorized number and no passenger may get out of the windows and open the sunroof of the vehicle at all times.

Vehicles may not be provided with noise materials or have unlicensed additions into the engine structure or extensions that restrict visibility.

Motorists are not allowed to disrupt traffic or block others’ roads.

Showy reckless driving is not permitted on internal and external roads.

It is illegal to cover the side windows and front and rear windshields of the vehicle with stickers or place a front sunshade which blocks the motorist’s view.

The Ministry called for enjoying the civilized festive vibes of the great national occasion that is dear to the hearts of the Emirati society and residents of the UAE, and urged for civilized expression of joy and pride in this national event in a way that does not cause harassment and inconvenience to others. It also encouraged everyone to abide by

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