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Page last updated: January 25, 2023
The Ministry of Justice reviews the best applied practices and services provided to the retirees at the MoI
  • Tuesday, January 24,2023

The Ministry of Justice reviews the best applied practices and services provided to the retirees at the MoI

A delegation from the Ministry of Justice, during an official visit to the headquarters of the MoI, was briefed on the best practices and policies applied to the retiree employees of the ministry, with the aim of benefiting from the experience of the MoI as the leading authority in this aspect, as the visit came within the framework of the benchmarking plan organized by the MoI R D Center to enhance cooperation and coordination between the concerned authorities and institutions, and to explore and discuss various topics and aspects of common interests, in order to improve the work system and develop it continuously.

The visiting delegation attended a brief explanation by the workers in the Department of Retirement and Volunteer Affairs in the Public Relations Department, about the strategic plans, initiatives, and services that the ministry develops and provides for the retirees category, where projects, initiatives, services, and the applied agenda were reviewed, and the number of beneficiaries according to the monitored indicators and statistics, in addition to discussing the plan for the next stage and the mechanism for its implementation, as well as a series of distinguished services that are specialized and provided to this category by the Ministry in terms of communication and coordination with them to follow up on their affairs, and how to benefit from their expertise and experience and enhance their cooperation in society, and to highlight their effective role by involving them in educational community activities and programs and other services.

It is noteworthy that the MoI pays great attention to all its employees, and seeks to provide them with the best practices and services, as the Ministry works on continuous cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities in various fields, in order to create a successful work environment for its employees, and encourage them to develop, create and innovate for a sustainable, more stable and more successful professional future.

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