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Page last updated: February 04, 2023
Saif bin Zayed launches the MoI’s strategy for 2023-2026
  • Saturday, February 04,2023

Saif bin Zayed launches the MoI’s strategy for 2023-2026

Lt. Gen. H.H Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, launched the MoI’s strategy for 2023-2026 as part of the UAE government's directives with the vision of the wise leadership in making the UAE the best country in the world in achieving security and safety.

The updated strategy enhances the Ministry's efforts to complete its vital role through a sublime message, a forward-looking vision, and goals with content that reflects the basic tasks of the Ministry's work and competence.

The strategic direction of the MoI and its mission focused on working effectively and efficiently to enhance the quality of life for the UAE community by providing proactive and smart creative services in order to preserve lives, honor and property in exchange for values that include loyalty, justice, teamwork, tolerance, good dealing, transparency, integrity, professionalism, leadership and innovation.

This plan works to achieve the strategic objectives of adopting advanced technology in the areas of modern crime, contributing to a proactive response to it locally and internationally, enabling safe road movement using modern traffic systems, enhancing technology and modern technologies in safety and civil protection, and achieving preparedness and readiness in crisis and disaster management.

Through its plan, the Ministry seeks to achieve major objectives in enhancing security and a sense of safety, creating a safe traffic environment, achieving civil defense for the highest levels of safety and civil protection, and ensuring preparedness, readiness and response to confront crises and disasters through strategic capabilities in attracting and empowering the best human talents and providing efficient and effective institutional services and digital infrastructure, as well as promoting innovation practices based on flexibility, proactivity and readiness within the work system.

Brigadier General Dr. Faisal Sultan Al-Shuaibi, Director General of Strategy and Performance Development, said, Today we are witnessing the launch of the Ministry of Interior’s strategy for the years 2023 to 2026, which comes as a continuation of a distinguished march of advanced police work, which achieved achievements and strengthened the reputation of the United Arab Emirates and its advanced position in Indicators of international competitiveness.

Al-Shuaibi explained that the strategic planning team worked on updating and developing the strategy by following the principles and general lines of the federal government’s directives and Its forward-looking vision, to come out in a way that guarantees the sustainability of the achievements and enhances the institutional capabilities of the ministry and the police teams.

He added that the plan was linked not only with the future directions of the government 2031, but also with global trends towards 2050, especially those affecting the security system.
Al-Shuaibi pointed out that one of the most important features of the plan is flexibility and adaptation in order to address the current and future challenges through Moi series of technical projects and digital initiatives to meet these challenges, including the expansion of the use of modern technologies and keeping pace with technical and digital development, and the features of future professions and jobs.

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