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Page last updated: February 09, 2024
MOI rolls out national campaign for online children protection 
  • Friday, February 09,2024

MOI rolls out national campaign for online children protection 

The Ministry of Interior, through its Center for Child Protection, is launching the national campaign "Together for a Safer Internet for Our Children" in conjunction with World Safer Internet Day

This campaign aims to raise awareness among various community groups about the online challenges and risks facing children. It also focuses on educating children about safe internet usage, highlighting the negative impacts of cyberbullying, and combating onlinw piracy. The initiative includes a series of awareness programs and workshops in collaboration with strategic partners from ministries, government agencies, and private institutions. 

Awareness will also be spread through electronic displays at airports, government outlets, entertainment venues, and tourist destinations, as well as through publications and advertising. A smart reporting system for child protection will utilize TV, radio, and publications, including social media platforms. The Ministry of Interior offers multiple reporting channels for incidents involving children, including a hotline at 116111, electronic reporting via the Ministry of Interior's child protection website (www.moi-cpc.gov.ae), email at 116111@moi.gov.ae. , and the "Hemayati" app for smartphones.

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