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Page last updated: February 10, 2024
MOI geared up to deal with atmospheric depression
  • Saturday, February 10,2024

MOI geared up to deal with atmospheric depression

The Ministry of Interior, led by the Supreme Committee for Internal Security and chaired by the Ministry's undersecretary and in collaboration with police chiefs and strategic partners, has affirmed its comprehensive preparedness to address the anticipated impacts of an impending atmospheric depression. Emphasis has been placed on proactively implementing measures within the Ministry's jurisdiction, as well as ensuring the readiness of response plans and the continuity of essential services, following a thorough assessment of the depression's potential consequences in affected areas. Priority has been given to community safety and safeguarding lives and property, underscoring the importance of public vigilance, adherence to safety protocols, and compliance with directives from relevant authorities. Furthermore, the public is urged to refrain from spreading rumors and instead rely on information from official state sources.
Ongoing meetings of the Supreme Committee are dedicated to monitoring weather developments closely, in constant coordination with strategic partners, demonstrating a commitment to readiness for any emerging scenarios.

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