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Page last updated: February 17, 2024
MOI organizes virtual panel discussion titled “Upcoming Technological Revolution and Its Impact on Police and Security Work”
  • Saturday, February 17,2024

MOI organizes virtual panel discussion titled “Upcoming Technological Revolution and Its Impact on Police and Security Work”

The Ministry of Interior, represented by its Innovation Center, hosted a virtual panel discussion titled The Upcoming Technological Revolution and Its Impact on Police and Security Work, as part of the UAE Innovates (2024) events. 

Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, under secretary of the Ministry of Interior, was present at the event. The panel discussion covered three main topics: the influence of generative artificial intelligence on job performance, the role of artificial intelligence in safeguarding intellectual property rights, and the protection of digital identity.

 Al Khaili opened the panel discussion with a speech emphasizing the need to remain abreast of technological advancements to meet contemporary challenges. He stated, Today we live in an accelerated world... with the vision of the wise leadership... to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.  

 Dr. Ali bin Saba Al Marri, CEO of Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government, highlighted the transformative potential of generative artificial intelligence, asserting that it fosters creativity and innovation by producing content intelligently. Al Marri elaborated, The use of generative artificial intelligence technologies will enhance productivity, save time and effort, and accelerate creative processes in many fields.  

 Fahad Gharib Al Shamsi, executive director of the support services sector at Abu Dhabi Customs, tackled the role of artificial intelligence in enhancing intellectual property rights protection. He emphasized the shift from traditional methods to digital platforms for managing intellectual property, facilitating data extraction, analysis, and trademark monitoring. 

Samer al-Shidayak, chief innovation officer at QF5, addressed the growing challenge of protecting digital identity amidst cyber threats. He stressed the importance of advanced technologies such as encryption and artificial intelligence in ensuring secure electronic identities, highlighting the need for continuous innovation to enhance digital security and privacy protection. Al-Shidayak emphasized, Secure electronic identities need to rely on advanced technologies such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and artificial intelligence to effectively address security threats...and protect the privacy of individuals and organizations online.

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