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Page last updated: May 10, 2022
The UAE hosts the 12th meeting of the INTERPOL Match Fixing Task Force
  • Tuesday, May 10,2022

The UAE hosts the 12th meeting of the INTERPOL Match Fixing Task Force

The 12th meeting of the International Criminal Police Organization "Interpol", hosted by the UAE Ministry of Interior with the participation of some 50 countries from all continents of the world, kicked off in Abu Dhabi and addresses a number of issues related to sports integrity, legal violations related to matches and the role of the international community in promoting Work and exchange experiences to limit the spread of such illegal violations and provide an atmosphere for healthy sports competitions.

Participants in this global meeting learn about information, experiences and best practices at the global level in order to prevent corruption and fraud in a wide range of sports, where criminal networks are trying to exploit the passion of sports fans and exploit it to implement their illegal ends.

The International Affairs Office at the Ministry of Interior welcomed the participants in the meeting, in the presence of representatives of the participating countries and a number of police and sports leaders locally, Arab and internationally from the football, cricket, athletics, tennis, table tennis and sports betting and sports governing bodies.

The International Office Affairs affirmed the keenness of the UAE Ministry of Interior to promote integrative international action and exchange best practices and experiences in order to improve institutional work aimed at enhancing the security and stability of societies, stressing the importance of such specialized meetings that discuss a number of issues related to integrity and transparency and enhancing the security of international sporting events and events and International Youth Forums.

The 3-day meeting deals with a number of relevant topics related to violations in the fields of sports, ways to verify this and means to combat them, especially as they represent a form of crime through betting rings linked to money laundering, smuggling and corruption, and officials from sports federations will speak in it.

The meeting also deals with a number of realistic and updated issues that the competent authorities are working on, revealing methods of fraud and manipulation of results, means of dealing with them, best practices in investigation methods, ways of using cryptocurrencies and offshore companies and Internet monitoring tools that were revealed during investigations conducted by the concerned authorities in Such real issues.

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