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Page last updated: June 02, 2023
Meetings of UAE-Bahrain Security Committee technical teams get underway
  • Friday, June 02,2023

Meetings of UAE-Bahrain Security Committee technical teams get underway

The technical teams of the UAE-Bahrain Security Committee have been diligently working to strengthen bilateral collaboration. Leading the UAE delegation was Brig. General Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Ahmad, head of the technical team for joint security projects, representing the Ministry of Interior. On the Bahraini side, Brig. General Abdulaziz Mayouf Al-Rumaihi, Director General of Criminal Investigation in the Kingdom of Bahrain, headed the delegation.

During the committee's meetings, members from both countries discussed various technical issues concerning their joint cooperation projects. These projects are significant endeavors between the two countries and were thoroughly reviewed, along with their respective workflow plans. The meetings served as a platform for in-depth deliberations on a number of related initiatives as well.

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