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Page last updated: June 05, 2024
MOI raises awareness through global participation in marking World Environment Day
  • Wednesday, June 05,2024

MOI raises awareness through global participation in marking World Environment Day

The Ministry of Interior activity participated in the celebration of World Environment Day, observed annually on June 5th, by organizing a virtual awareness workshop for its staff. The workshop, themed "Environment and the Importance of Preserving it was conducted in coordination between the Environment, Health, and Occupational Safety Center at the MOI’s General Directorate of Strategy and Performance Development and the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi.

During the workshop, lecturer Ahmed Saleh from the Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi highlighted the community initiative "Environmental Eyes , an online platform designed to engage community members in monitoring environmental practices and behaviors detrimental to the environment while providing guidance on how to report them. It aims to improve response efficiency and strengthen environmental protection against all forms of pollution.
The lecturer also addressed sources of environmental pollution and the measures taken to reduce and mitigate them. This includes conducting regular and rigorous inspection and monitoring operations, issuing laws and regulations regarding violations committed, organizing educational campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of environmental preservation, and conserving resources to ensure their sustainability.
The Ministry of Interior is committed to enhancing its continuous presence within the framework of social responsibility, emphasizing the importance of celebrating global events and engaging with nations worldwide. This commitment fosters a culture of belonging and cooperation and strengthens bonds between peoples and communities to forge more advanced and prosperous sustainable paths for future generations.

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