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Page last updated: June 06, 2023
First version of MOI Innovator Program rolled out
  • Tuesday, June 06,2023

First version of MOI Innovator Program rolled out

The Ministry of Interior's Center for Innovation has rolled out the initial version of the "Innovator" program, a comprehensive initiative designed for Ministry of Interior employees. Its primary objective is to identify talented individuals with a knack for creativity and innovation from within the ministry's ranks. The program focuses on nurturing their innovative skills across various domains, including electronics, design, and modeling, and subsequently leveraging these skills to develop prototype-based solutions for challenges in the policy sector.

The first version of the program saw the participation of candidates who successfully advanced through the initial selection phases. These candidates hailed from several general police HQs throughout the country, as well as from departments affiliated with the Ministry of Interior's sectors.

The program comprises several stages, commencing with initial nominations and progressing towards specialized qualification. Subsequently, participants engaged in idea development, followed by the modeling phase, culminating in their successful completion and graduation from this groundbreaking program. Each stage necessitates dedicated work sessions, courses, and hands-on practical application.

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