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Page last updated: June 20, 2024
MOI Organizes Annual HR Forum
  • Thursday, June 13,2024

MOI Organizes Annual HR Forum

Through the General Directorate of Human Resources, the Ministry of Interior organized the annual forum for employees in the Ministry's human resources departments and the police general HQs nationwide. This event aimed to enhance communication and collaboration, promote happiness in the workplace, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and opinions on improving institutional work and addressing challenges to create opportunities for improvement.

The Ministry of Interior is committed to holding this forum on International Human Resources Day and periodically to celebrate its human resources staff. These initiatives aim to enhance the work environment, providing employees with the tools, values, and support necessary to implement government initiatives and directives efficiently and with dedication.

These meetings serve as a platform for sharing and presenting ideas, opinions, and constructive suggestions that aid decision-makers in improving the work environment and increasing job satisfaction. This aligns with sustainable work plans focused on leadership and excellence.

The forum was attended by directors of human resources departments from the police general HQs across the country, and several officers.

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