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Page last updated: June 14, 2024
Training Course on Using Modern Technologies in Enhancing Security
  • Friday, June 14,2024

Training Course on Using Modern Technologies in Enhancing Security

The Joint Centre of Excellence, established between the Ministries of Interior of the UAE and the French Republic, organized a virtual training course titled "Using Modern Technologies in Internal Security in France." This course featured a review of French security practices by specialists and included discussions on the practical applications of these practices. It was part of a series of workshops and training programs aimed at examining and leveraging global best practices to enhance the capabilities of law enforcement personnel in the countries of the International Security Alliance.

Over the two-day course, participants explored the legal and ethical foundations of artificial intelligence in France. They also reviewed the tasks and roles of the Digital Agency for Internal Security (ANFSI) and examined the importance of unmanned reconnaissance and response vehicles (VRID) and artificial intelligence as effective tools for policing.

Lecturers included representatives from the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (French Data Protection Authority), the Paris Fire Brigade, the French National Observatory for Scientific and Technological Innovation for Security, along with various other experts and specialists.

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