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Page last updated: July 03, 2024
MOI Rolls Out 7th Annual Service Package for High School Graduates
  • Wednesday, July 03,2024

MOI Rolls Out 7th Annual Service Package for High School Graduates

For the seventh consecutive year, the Ministry of the Interior offers the Services for High School Students package to high school graduates for the academic year 2023-2024. This initiative is in collaboration with the Social Solidarity Fund for the Ministry of Interior’s employees, Fazaa, the Emirati cadres competitiveness program, Nafis, and Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank. 

 The package includes several services, such as issuing a criminal status investigation certificate via the Ministry of Interior’s application (MOI UAE) and opening a traffic file through the Ministry’s website. It also grants a Fazaa discount card, provides banking services including account opening at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and offers educational workshops by Nafis to empower graduates in the labor market. Brigadier Nasser Khadem Al Kaabi, Director General of Happiness at the Ministry of Interior, emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to "achieving government directions by designing and developing proactive services that provide distinctive and unique value to all its customers." These services align with federal government standards, the Service Development Guide (2.0), and the bureaucracy zeroing program launched by the UAE government. He noted the continued and fruitful cooperation between the Ministry and its partners in launching the package for the seventh year, which aims to enhance the quality of life in the UAE community. 

 He stated, The package provides smart services through the Ministry of Interior’s application without the need to visit service delivery centers to obtain them, commending the efforts of all partners and joint work teams that contributed to the continuous development and improvement of the package. Colonel Ahmed Buharoun Al Shamsi, Director General of the Social Solidarity Fund for Employees of the Ministry of Interior and CEO of Fazaa, mentioned the Fund’s commitment to participating in pioneering national initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life in Emirati society. He highlighted the Fund’s involvement in the high school package for the seventh year, offering Fazaa membership, which grants discounts to all high school graduates. This membership includes discounts for more than 10,000 brands across over 26,000 locations in all emirates, provided as an electronic card via the Fazaa application. 

 Ahmed Atiq Al Dhaheri, Head of the Branch Network at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, expressed, We are pleased to extend our congratulations to the high school students and their families on the occasion of their success and excellence. Through our participation in the distinguished initiative launched by the Ministry of Interior for the seventh year, we reaffirm our commitment to enhancing the vision of our wise leadership and its future directions by encouraging all students to strive for sustainable development and create a future full of excellence and creativity. He emphasized that the bank will provide a package of banking services to high school students, ensuring they receive a distinctive banking experience and all necessary services related to opening bank accounts.

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