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Page last updated: August 09, 2022
MOI celebrates conclusion of summer camp "Future Generations 2022" for staff’s children and teens
  • Monday, August 08,2022

MOI celebrates conclusion of summer camp "Future Generations 2022" for staff’s children and teens

The Ministry of Interior celebrated the conclusion of the summer camp organized by the General Directorate of Relations and Ceremonies under the slogan Future Generations 2022. The event went on at Al Forsan Resort in Abu Dhabi for a week, with around 50 children and teens aged 7-14, the sons and daughters of the Ministry’s staff, taking part.
The closing ceremony was attended by Lt. Col. Khamis Mohamed Thani, a number of officers from the Public Relations Department and parents of the students participating in the camp.

The initiative, which is organized during the summer vacation for the children of male and female employees of the Ministry of Interior, comes to ensure the development of the human element, raising children and youth, motivating them to research, take initiative and polish their capabilities and talents. I

t included several educational, entertainment, cultural and sports events which contributed to developing the student’s personality and self-reliance. It also achieved scientific and physical benefits for them and kept them busy in their spare time, thus bringing them great benefits, in addition to developing their sense of security and strengthening their belonging to their homeland.

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