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Page last updated: September 15, 2022
Light Air Sports Committee showcases a number of projects and technical initiatives
  • Thursday, September 15,2022

Light Air Sports Committee showcases a number of projects and technical initiatives

The follow-up committee for the implementation of the light air-sports system held a meeting presided by Major General Dr. Ahmed Naser Al-Raisi, inspector general of the Ministry of Interior.

During the meeting, the committee briefed Major General Al-Raisi on a number of systems and technical initiatives which enhance airspace security, the proper use of drones, and reduce the challenges associated with their usage.

During his speech, Major General Al-Raisi welcomed the attendants and asserted the continuous success of the teams and committees in achieving their key goals and their role in enhancing airspace security, the safety of individuals and properties, and enhancing the quality of life of the Emirati society.

He called upon all parties to put more fruitful integrated work to sustain their success and provide all sorts of support and assistance towards more accomplishments relevant to the nature and objectives of the committee which includes stakeholders from the fields of drones and light air-sport.

At the meeting, in the presence of all its members and strategic partners, the committee reviewed presentations of a number of projects and initiatives that include modern solutions and technologies provided by the public and private sectors,

The committee also listened to presentations of business developments from all sides of the committee members regarding the work of the technical committees and the overall process related to the committee's work.

The media campaign plan that the committee launches and adopts annually was reviewed on a regular basis because of its positive effects in spreading awareness and positive behaviors and avoiding the indiscriminate practices of drone users and light sports of all kinds.

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