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Page last updated: September 17, 2023
Specialized workshop discusses MOI human rights policy
  • Sunday, September 17,2023

Specialized workshop discusses MOI human rights policy

The Ministry of Interior's Human Rights Department organized a specialized workshop to discuss the Ministry's "Human Rights Policy." This workshop brought together relevant specialists, including police chiefs and departments, to review controls related to international conventions governing human rights in police operations. The objective was to examine the mechanisms for applying national and regional legislation to bolster protection and unify efforts addressing human rights issues.
During the workshop, specialists provided an introduction to the policy and its included topics, emphasizing its vital role in policy. Colonel Dr. Muhammad Khalifa Al-Hamoudi, Director of the Ministry's Human Rights Department, highlighted the policy's significance Deputy in advancing human rights principles across various policy domains to align with the nature of the work and attain desired goals.
The Ministry of Interior reiterates its unwavering commitment to uphold and enhance its responsibilities in promoting and safeguarding human rights. It pledges to leverage its resources in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

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