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Page last updated: September 21, 2023
MOI continues to enhance happiness and quality of life programs
  • Thursday, September 21,2023

MOI continues to enhance happiness and quality of life programs

The Department of Employee Happiness at the Ministry of Interior, under the General Administration of Happiness, recently hosted an educational workshop focused on "Investing in Children's Capabilities and Development." This initiative aligns with the Ministry's commitment to support the National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life in the Work Environment for the year 2023.

Conducted remotely through video communication technology, the workshop was led by Dr. Abdul Latif Al-Azazi, an expert in self-development and family relations. Dr. Al-Azazi delved into the critical topic of character development in children and outlined essential strategies for nurturing their potential.

He emphasized the significance of boosting their self-confidence, providing positive moral guidance, and fostering motivation.
During his presentation, Dr. Al-Azazi also underscored the importance of understanding children's fundamental needs, highlighting how this comprehension enables parents to better grasp their children's unique personalities.

He explored various models of children's distinct personal styles and traits while offering insights on how to effectively cultivate their talents and abilities. The doctor concluded his presentation by engaging with the audience, addressing their inquiries, and encouraging diverse participation and sharing of experiences.

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