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Page last updated: December 03, 2023
"International Alliance of Civil Defense Organizations to Cut Carbon Emissions from Fires" created and led by the UAE as part of efforts to achieve COP28 goals
  • Sunday, December 03,2023

"International Alliance of Civil Defense Organizations to Cut Carbon Emissions from Fires" created and led by the UAE as part of efforts to achieve COP28 goals

Six prestigious international organizations focused on firefighting signed memorandums of understanding with the Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Department of Civil Defense in Dubai. Additionally, two declarations of intent were signed with other organizations, all aimed at strengthening joint international work and coordination. The goal is to form an international coalition and a unified work system to reduce carbon emissions from fires globally, contributing to mitigating the negative effects and challenges of climate change as part of the humanitarian goals of COP28.

This international alliance was announced in Dubai during the World Conference of the Parties (COP28), hosted by the UAE. The announcement took place at an international conference titled "Environmental Preparedness" held at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. The conference addressed ways to enhance global cooperation, coordination, and integrated work, particularly in combating fires and addressing their environmental impacts, climate damage, and pollution from emissions.

Representing the UAE, Lieutenant General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defence, signed the memorandums of understanding. Signatories from other organizations included Ajit Raghavan for the Fire and Security Association of India, John Colley for the Fire Protection Association of Australia, Andrew Hickman for the National Fire Industry Association Australia, Milan Dubrovac for the International Fire and Rescue Service in Slovenia, Richard Abbott for the National Fire Chiefs Council in the United Kingdom, Eric Flores for the French National Fire Service Federation, Bill Lee for the South Korean National Fire Agency, and Otto Drozd for the US National Fire Protection Association.

These organizations, representing more than 56 countries globally, form a broad alliance that aims to enhance the security, prevention, and safety of communities worldwide. The memorandums mark the culmination of the UAE Civil Defense's work within the "Environmental Preparedness" program, an initiative by the Ministry of Interior to reduce global carbon emissions from fire incidents and achieve climate neutrality.

The program acts as a unified platform for a global database of fire incidents, analyzing and classifying data and carbon percentages for each continent. The initiative aims to reduce global fire incidents and associated carbon emissions by assigning responsibility to firefighting organizations on each continent. The Civil Defense also launched the "Heat Map of Environmental Crimes," a pioneering initiative in collaboration with the private sector, revealing information linking crimes to climate change and facilitating information exchange between countries and organizations combating crimes and fires globally.

These organizations join global efforts to exchange data and information, reduce carbon emissions, and address fires worldwide, forming a global alliance launched from the Emirates. The alliance seeks to enhance the security and safety of societies while sustaining a safe and healthy global environment.

The Environmental Preparedness Conference featured speeches from participants, including Lieutenant General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, who thanked everyone for their contributions. The conference aligns with the goals of COP28, hosted by the UAE, bringing decision-makers worldwide to take measures and decisions enhancing efforts to reduce carbon emissions from global warming. Robin Stenhouse, a security coordination officer from the United Nations Department of Safety and Security, and Afaf Al Mehairi, Director of the Strategy and Future Department, also addressed the conference. Major Issa Al Mutawa, Director of the Oversight and Inspection Department at the Civil Defense in Dubai, spoke about civil defense initiatives related to environmental preparedness and the heat map. The presentation highlighted the essential environmental goals that civil defense agencies worldwide must achieve.

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