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Page last updated: February 01, 2017
Smart gates system facilitates travel procedures at airports
  • Tuesday, January 31,2017

Smart gates system facilitates travel procedures at airports

The Ministry of Interior said that five million and fifty thousand people have registered for smart gates system, while 2.5 million people used the facility since the launch ten months ago.

Major Mohammad Al Za'abi, director of the e-gates project in the Ministry of Interior, affirmed the ministry's keenness to remove all difficulties facing the passengers while using smart gate system.

Smart gates system is an important project to cut time and effort of the passengers. We coordinate with airports to train qualified staff to help the passengers and show them the proper way to use the system, Major Al Zaabi said.

Al Zaabi said that passengers whose residency or passports have expired, are staying illegally in the country, have pending fines, have court cases and children under the age of five cannot use smart gates.

He said the system uses the face-recognition technology to clear a passenger. Passengers can register in any UAE airport and can use the smart gates in all airports without having to register every time, Major Al Zaabi added.

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