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Page last updated: February 25, 2024
Workshop for police college students on “sound financial planning skills”
  • Sunday, February 25,2024

Workshop for police college students on “sound financial planning skills”

The Police College recently hosted a three-day workshop titled "Sound Financial Planning Skills" as part of its annual educational programs. This workshop, held in collaboration with the Family Development Foundation, aimed to provide attendees with essential financial knowledge. Covering three main topics saving, spending, and investing the workshop delved into the fundamentals of financial planning and underscored its significance. Participants learned how to make informed financial decisions aligned with their needs, goals, and current financial standing, emphasizing the importance of prudent planning for both present and future financial stability.
Throughout the sessions, speakers emphasized the critical thinking required for sound financial decision-making, urging attendees to avoid excessive borrowing. They discussed strategies for navigating financial crises, effective management of monthly expenses and income, the principles of investment and long-term financial foresight, as well as the importance of financial intelligence and prudent spending habits for future investment planning.

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