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Page last updated: January 24, 2016
Law Respect Culture Bureau Holds Legal Lecture for Petroleum Institute’s Students
  • Sunday, January 24,2016

Law Respect Culture Bureau Holds Legal Lecture for Petroleum Institute’s Students

As part of its awareness-raising efforts, the Law Respect Culture Bureau at the Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention at the General Secretariat of the Office of H.H Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, organized a legal lecture under the theme Hatred and Discrimination . The lecture targeted 80 students from the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi.

First Lieutenant Mohammed Abdullah Al Muhairi, from the Law Respect Culture Bureau delivered the lecture, which highlighted the Bureau’s role in raising awareness and disseminating the legal culture. He also gave an overview of the most important legal terms.

Adding further, First Lieutenant Al Muhairi said: The UAE legislations and laws have organized legal rights and duties of community members, so as to provide them with a decent and secure life. The law has guaranteed all individuals’ rights and imposed on them a set of obligations that need to be exercised within the limits of the law .

First Lieutenant Al Muhairi explained the reasons behind enacting the Anti-Discrimination Law. He said: The UAE is a developed country in all fields and the legislative aspect has been an important part of this evolution, by keeping pace with the latest updates and developments, he noted. Moreover, he pointed out that the UAE is home to more than 200 nationalities, and the Emirati legislators have taken this evolution and diversity into account to enact the Anti-Discrimination Law. The UAE Constitution has provided guarantees to protect all individuals against all negative factors that can lead to hatred and discrimination, as well as the social, economic, cultural pillars that support this law. It has also guaranteed the freedom of expression and opinion, he continued.

On the same note, First Lieutenant Al Muhairi examined the basic concepts of Individual Social Responsibility, and the important role that individuals play in their environment. He said: Individuals must respect the freedom of others and take it into account. The law has guaranteed his rights and in return has imposed on him a set of duties and obligations, notably the need to respect people's privacy.

In conclusion, First Lieutenant Al Muhairi tackled the most important social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. He advised the students not to fall for malicious and hateful people who fabricate and spread rumors and encouraged them to benefit from social media in a positive way, and to refrain from objectionable behavior, which would expose them to legal accountability.

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