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The Consultative Forum On Society Protection And Prevention Of Crime

Page last updated: August 31, 2020
The Ministry of Interior (MoI) Center for Crime Prevention at the Directorate General of Community Protection and Crime Prevention, in cooperation with the Directorate General of Strategy and Performance Development, organized the Consultative Forum on Society Protection at the Meetings Hall in the MoI Headquarters. The Forum aimed to discuss challenges faced by the members of the society.

The forum, which was attended by representatives of the federal ministries, departments, institutions, local authorities and the general police leadership in the UAE, aims to unify efforts among government institutions concerned with the protection of society and crime prevention to reduce disturbing societal phenomena in cooperation with all strategic partners and to achieve the vision and objectives of the UAE government.

It also aims to come up with a unified strategy to protect and prevent society from crime, and develop a digital platform for the collection of data and information on community phenomena involving all strategic partners at the local and federal level, to benefit from them in the prevention of crime.

The meeting discussed the most important challenges facing the community and the initiatives that will be implemented to meet these challenges, in cooperation and coordination with the strategic partners of the Ministry of Interior.

The Director of the Ministry of Interior's Center for Crime Prevention made a presentation in which he discussed the UAE Vision 2021, which aims to be the UAE among the best security and safety in the world, and the main themes of the forum that dealt with the phenomenon of addiction to electronic games and its devastating impact on family relations and family violence Societal and cultural, family disintegration and family, family and marital differences.

In conclusion, a number of outputs were reached to protect the community including identifying these challenges, then identifying the most important initiatives associated with them, and identifying the strategic partners for these initiatives.

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