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Share with us your opinion about the current and future status of MOI's smart services

Page last updated: March 14, 2024
  • Thursday, March 14,2024

Consultation Subject:

The Ministry of the Interior extends an invitation to the esteemed public to contribute their perspectives on the current state and future trajectory of the Ministry of Interior's smart services.. Share your insights to enhance operational efficiency, ensure accurate and swift services, and make them universally user-friendly.

The objective of consultation:

In seeking public input, the Ministry of Interior strives to gather diverse opinions and proposals to improve its smart services for customers. The aim is to enhance efficiency, elevate the quality of life for the Emirati community, and align with the visionary leadership's commitment to positioning the UAE at the forefront of international competitiveness indicators.

Expected decisions as a result of consultation:

Introducing innovative smart services to foster collaboration with partners by leveraging technical connectivity and integrating procedures between local and federal government agencies.

Open Date: July 01, 2024
Closed Date: July 31, 2024

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