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Share your opinion about ways to raise societal awareness on the harms of narcotics and psychotropic substances

Page last updated: August 24, 2023
  • Wednesday, August 04,2021

Consultation Subject

The Ministry of Interior invites the public to share opinions on ways to raise societal awareness on the dangers of narcotics, develop personal skills and moral values that enhance happiness and positivity, and enhance the role of the family to contribute to the prevention of narcotic substances.

The objective of consultation:

Through this advice, the Ministry of Interior aims to activate social responsibility, spread awareness among the various groups of society and enhance the awareness of the younger generations about the dangers of narcotics and addiction and its implications. This can be done by defining its causes, clarifying its danger, and its negative implications on the individual and society in all health, social and economic aspects, as well as raising awareness of all society members regarding the risks of drug abuse and addiction. 

Expected decisions as a result of consultation:

Launching programs that enhance awareness and education efforts for all members of society and its sectors of the danger of narcotics by developing policies, procedures and preventive programs to protect our children from this deadly scourge.

Video : Drugs..The Path Of Perdition

Open Date: August 01, 2021
Closed Date: September 30, 2021


Launching two guides for promoting awareness and preventing the danger of narcotics based on the latest scientific studies and international best practices, in complementary cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Education and in partnership with several concerned national institutions. This aims to empower institutions and members of society and build their capabilities and skills to prevent narcotics and psychotropic substances, according to a scientific methodology and institutional integration.



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