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Page last updated: November 30, 2022
MOI takes part in Global Forum for Cooperation in Public Security (Lingyan Conference)
  • Wednesday, November 30,2022

MOI takes part in Global Forum for Cooperation in Public Security (Lingyan Conference)

The Ministry of the Interior took part in the first conference of the Global Forum for Cooperation in the Field of Public Security "Lingyan Conference." The event is organized virtually by the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China under the title "Cooperation Promotes Safety...Safety Ensures Development" and aims to step up cooperation between countries of the world in the security and policing fields.

Maj. Gen. Salem Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Support Services, the Ministry of Interior said in a speech that Any discussion about security and related issues makes it imperative in fact to talk about international cross-border cooperation, especially as we live in a changing world with fast changing technologies and means. The countries of the world are more and more interconnected with each other, turning the world into a village whose residents face the same challenges and forward-looking visions. In our cooperation we guarantee safety and security, the two basic building blocks in promoting the development and prosperity of peoples.

He added that in this respect, we in the UAE Ministry of Interior under the vision and support of the wise leadership, are keen on continuous cooperation with all countries of the world and international organizations and institutions, especially in security and policing. It is important to know that confronting crimes and the new methods of crimes requires international cooperation and exchange of information and effective practices to reduce these crimes and step up the efforts of the control agencies and law enforcement authorities.

He said In the UAE, we have an advanced pioneering experience, evidenced by its leadership in global competitiveness indicators and the country’s advanced position in all indicators, especially with regard to security and safety. This progress is supported by the leadership’s vision, the adoption of the best modern technologies, including artificial intelligence, capacity building of qualified human resources, and the formulation of advanced and flexible policies and plans that keep pace with the changes. Furthermore, we expanded international cooperation, as we are a key member, founder and participant in many global organizations working in the fields of security, safety, community prevention and civil defense.

I would like also to emphasize the importance and vitality of the work of cross-border international organizations and institutions, foremost of which are the organizations operating under the umbrella of the United Nations and the continental institutions that play an important and effective role in promoting joint work.

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