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Page last updated: March 02, 2024
A workshop at the Ministry of Interior in the areas of governance, oversight and transparency in government work
  • Saturday, March 02,2024

A workshop at the Ministry of Interior in the areas of governance, oversight and transparency in government work

The Ministry of the Interior held an inaugural workshop aimed at acquainting relevant members with the UAE Accountability Authority, elucidating its operational mechanisms, core objectives in bolstering regulatory frameworks, and endeavors to enhance internal control systems, thereby fortifying protective measures for the state's resources. 

 His Excellency Mohamed Rashid Al Zaabi, Undersecretary of the UAE Accountability Authority, provided an overview of the authority's mandate, emphasizing its alignment with governmental directives promoting pillars of good governance: accountability, justice, transparency, and independence. This aligns with the UAE's strategic vision under the guidance of its wise leadership to fortify its global standing and reputation as a secure hub for living, investment, and business operations. 
 Among the distinguished attendees were His Excellency Major General Salem Al Shamsi, Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Support Services, Major General Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior, along with the Director of the Legal Affairs Office at the UAE Accountability Authority, Legal Advisor Mohamed Hanan, Head of the Security and Defense Affairs Department, Analyst Mohamed Al Shamsi, and several concerned general directors, deputies, and department heads from the Ministry of Interior. 
 Brigadier Dr. Rashid Ali Al Nuaimi, Coordinator of the UAE Accountability Authority at the Ministry of Interior, affirmed that this introductory workshop underscores the agency's pivotal role in reinforcing accounting controls and governance frameworks, thereby enhancing work quality and efficacy through diligent adherence to proper procedures. He expressed gratitude to UAE Accountability Authority for their insightful contributions.

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