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Page last updated: April 07, 2024
MOI Issues Warning on Fireworks, Urges Parents to Exercise Caution with Children
  • Saturday, April 06,2024

MOI Issues Warning on Fireworks, Urges Parents to Exercise Caution with Children

The Ministry of Interior urges parents and community members to safeguard their children against the risks of fireworks usage.
Under the banner "Fireworks are Dangerous" a campaign initiated by the Security Media Department, the Ministry highlights the risks associated with adolescents and children engaging in fireworks activities, particularly during the final days of Ramadan and holiday seasons.
Emphasizing the vital role of parental engagement, the Ministry underscores the fruitful communication between parents and law enforcement authorities. This collaborative effort aims to mitigate the negative impact of Eid celebrations.
Moreover, the Ministry warns of the potential for fire accidents and material losses caused by fireworks, often resulting in injuries, suffocation, and property damage.
Recognizing the power of media outreach, the Ministry stresses the importance of print, visual, and audio platforms in educating the public, especially regarding the protection of children and adolescents from fireworks hazards. Annual awareness campaigns have shown significant effectiveness in curbing such risky behaviors.
Furthermore, the Ministry, through the Civil Defense and General Police HQs, conducts educational lectures on fireworks dangers across schools at all educational levels. These initiatives aim to engage students actively and provide them with guidance and advice to ensure their safety.

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