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Page last updated: April 24, 2024
Albanian Minister of Interior briefed on best security and police practices in Abu Dhabi
  • Tuesday, April 23,2024

Albanian Minister of Interior briefed on best security and police practices in Abu Dhabi

HE Taulant Bala, Albanian Minister of the Interior, along with his delegation, embarked on a comprehensive tour of various security agencies in Abu Dhabi, including the Abu Dhabi Police General HQs, the Police College, and the Civil Defense Academy. Their objective was to gain insights into cutting-edge technologies, advanced methodologies, and best practices within the fields of policing and security. The visit aimed to understand the pivotal role played by these institutions in bolstering societal security, ensuring safety, and enriching the quality of life.

Abu Dhabi Police General HQs

The Albanian Minister commenced his visit to the Abu Dhabi Police, where he was warmly welcomed by Major General Ahmed Saif bin Zaytoun Al Mehairi, Director of the Central Operations Sector, alongside directors of various departments and a cohort of officers. Their discussions centered on strengthening collaborative efforts within the fields of police and security operations. Subsequently, the delegation toured the police HQs and Control Center within the Operations Department, known as the "Operations Room," and were briefed on its cutting-edge technologies for managing reports and operational procedures. They observed firsthand the meticulous protocols and advanced systems employed by the Operations Room, which operates round the clock under the stewardship of highly skilled national personnel. Exploring the center's functions, which include handling traffic, criminal incidents, and other inquiries in multiple languages, provided insights into crisis management protocols and the reporting mechanisms in place. Furthermore, the delegation received a comprehensive overview of the evaluation processes for both centers and officers within the Abu Dhabi Police General HQs.

Police College

During the visit, HE the Albanian Minister of the Interior, was briefed on the innovative practices of the Central Operations Sector, particularly its utilization of smart patrols integrated with artificial intelligence technologies to bolster traffic safety. Special emphasis was placed on the "Happiness" patrol, renowned for its endeavors in promoting positive traffic behaviors across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Concluding their visit, the Albanian delegation commended the significant strides achieved by the Abu Dhabi Police in the domains of policing and security, underscoring their alignment with global best practices and standards.

On another note, HE Taulant Bala paid a visit to the Police College in Abu Dhabi, where he was warmly greeted upon arrival by Brigadier Walid Al Shamsi, the college's Commander, along with department heads and several officers. The purpose of this visit was to familiarize himself with the college's exemplary practices in education and training within the field. Throughout the visit, the Albanian Minister gained insights into the pivotal role played by the college in cultivating and refining highly skilled security personnel, trained to meet the highest global standards.

Discussions during the meeting revolved around avenues for bolstering cooperation and facilitating reciprocal visits between the Police College and analogous institutions in the Republic of Albania. Brigadier General Walid Al Shamsi provided a comprehensive overview of the college's structure, its various departments and divisions, as well as the diverse range of training and educational programs offered. These covered initiatives such as the Candidates and Undergraduates Program, the Bachelor of Police Sciences, and the International Program for Friendly Countries.

Expressing his admiration for the UAE's exemplary achievements in security and safety, the Albanian Minister commended the Police College for its specialized training programs, which have propelled it to prominence on the global stage. He lauded the institution's commitment to excellence, acknowledging its status as one of the foremost and distinguished colleges worldwide.

Civil Defense Academy

Wrapping up his comprehensive tour, the Albanian Minister of Interior concluded his visit at the Civil Defense Academy, where he was warmly welcomed by Major General Dr. Jassim Mohammed Al Marzouqi, the Commander-in-Chief of Civil Defense at the Ministry of Interior, Colonel Adel Ali Al Samri, Director of the Civil Defense Academy, and a cadre of academy officers. The objective of this visit was to familiarize himself with leading international practices and advanced technical systems utilized in the fields of fire safety and rescue operations.

During an on-site tour, the minister was provided with a detailed overview of the academy's infrastructure, equipment, and the cutting-edge technologies deployed within its premises. The visiting delegation also received a comprehensive presentation elucidating the academy's comprehensive approach to practical and theoretical training methodologies, along with insights into the international accreditations it has garnered over recent years.

Expressing his impressions, His Excellency Taulant Bala commended the advanced facilities showcased during the field tour, including state-of-the-art training halls equipped with the latest smart systems and control rooms designed for simulating fire scenarios. He emphasized the academy's unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety of trainees in alignment with the highest international standards, a sentiment that resonated with the delegation's observations.

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