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Page last updated: May 09, 2024
MOI Undersecretary briefed on the progress of training programs provided to the 20th class of national service recruits
  • Thursday, May 09,2024

MOI Undersecretary briefed on the progress of training programs provided to the 20th class of national service recruits

Under the guidance of Major General Khalifa Hareb Al Khaili, the Ministry of Interior's Undersecretary, a detailed overview was provided on the specialized training programs tailored for the twentieth class of national service recruits at the Federal Police School in Sharjah. Brigadier General Walid Salem Al Shamsi, along with the training officers, warmly welcomed the Undersecretary, who was given a thorough briefing on the various training modules and technical workshops conducted by seasoned trainers and experts.
These meticulously crafted programs form part of a holistic educational and training framework aimed at enhancing police efficiency and institutional leadership. During the visit, Major General Al Khaili inspected the training facilities, including the monitoring operations room, lecture halls, and outdoor grounds, where the recruits undergo rigorous practical and sports training. He also familiarized himself with the Ministry of Defense's National Service and Reserve Authority-approved activities, which encompass a spectrum of security and vocational training such as security operations, riot control, and crisis management.
These initiatives not only impart essential security knowledge but also cultivate a sense of civic responsibility and military leadership among the participants. Encouraging the recruits to uphold exemplary citizenship and contribute positively to society, Major General Al Khaili underscored the pivotal role of training in bolstering national security. He expressed pride in their dedication and urged them to leverage the acquired knowledge and skills to serve the nation diligently. Emphasizing the significance of national service in fostering loyalty and a sense of belonging, he reiterated the Ministry's unwavering support in nurturing the recruits into future leaders who embody the core values of loyalty and sacrifice.
Accompanying the Undersecretary were Brigadier General Nasser Khadem Al Kaabi, Director General of Happiness, Brigadier General Saif Faraj Al Mansouri, Director of the National Service and Reserve Department, and a contingent of officers, underscoring the Ministry's commitment to the holistic development and morale-boosting of its recruits, thereby fortifying them as pillars of national strength.

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