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Page last updated: May 18, 2024
Joint Workshop with Italian MOI Targets Money Laundering Tactics
  • Saturday, May 18,2024

Joint Workshop with Italian MOI Targets Money Laundering Tactics

The Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Interior, organized a comprehensive five-day training workshop at the Dubai Police Officers Club. The aim was to enhance the competencies of government personnel in combating money laundering and related fields. Led by Italian specialists and experts, the workshop delved into various aspects, including the Italian law enforcement model, coordination among police forces, and the role of the Italian Asset Recovery Office in tackling transnational economic crimes. Discussions also covered topics such as combating illegal gambling, the responsibilities of the Anti-Mafia Investigations Directorate, and strategies for countering organized crime worldwide, emphasizing the importance of international cooperation in these efforts. Additionally, sessions explored financial electronic crimes, the impact on businesses, online investment fraud using artificial intelligence, currency counterfeiting, and methods for investigating financial trails to combat organized crime. Realistic case studies and interactive discussions enriched the learning experience, drawing from the wealth of the Italian approach to combating money laundering. Participation in the workshop was diverse, with representatives from various government bodies including the Ministry of Economy, Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Port Security, Federal Tax Authority, and others, reflecting a concerted effort across multiple sectors to address this critical issue.

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