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Page last updated: June 04, 2023
Virtual workshop with French MOI on human trafficking crimes
  • Sunday, June 04,2023

Virtual workshop with French MOI on human trafficking crimes

The Ministries of Interior of the United Arab Emirates and the Republic of France recently organized a two-day virtual workshop in collaboration with the Joint Center of Excellence. The workshop focused on stepping up international cooperation in combating human trafficking, addressing the patterns and elements of this crime, and exploring methods for collecting, analyzing, and inferring information related to human trafficking. Additionally, the workshop delved into the investigation of victims and financial crimes associated with this type of offense.

An important component of the training workshop centered on techniques and approaches for investigating cases involving child victims of human trafficking. Participants were briefed on methodologies and methods specific to such investigations, including challenges encountered during the investigative process. Moreover, the workshop highlighted rescue operations for victims, emphasized victim identification, and the significance of protective measures during investigations. Another crucial aspect underscored was the importance of training and developing law enforcement personnel to effectively handle these specific categories of cases.

Brig. General Hamad Rashid Al Zaabi, Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Combating Human Trafficking at the Ministry of Interior, delivered a keynote address during the workshop. Distinguished experts and specialists from both the UAE and French sides also contributed their insights and expertise.

These training workshops are a part of the ongoing cooperation between the UAE and the French Ministry of the Interior, including their affiliated academic institutions and the International Security Coalition. The objective of such collaborative efforts is to foster the exchange of knowledge and experiences in order to strengthen the fight against crime and address police-related challenges, while enhancing the capabilities of personnel to effectively confront present and future obstacles.

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