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Page last updated: June 20, 2024
Under the patronage of Saif bin Zayed...MOI in cooperation with Dubai Police organize a community forum to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs
  • Tuesday, June 18,2024

Under the patronage of Saif bin Zayed...MOI in cooperation with Dubai Police organize a community forum to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs

Under the patronage of Lt. General HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior, and Chairman of the Anti-Narcotics Council, the 2024 Drug Prevention Forum was launched today at Dubai Hills Mall. The event, organized by the Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the Dubai Police General HQs, will run for ten days under the slogan My Family. My True Wealth as part of the Ministry of Interior’s participation in World Anti-Drug Day. HE Lt.General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, opened the forum in the presence of Brigadier Saeed Abdullah Al Suwaidi, Director General of Federal Narcotics Control at the Ministry of Interior, along with several officers, officials, and community activists.

My Family, My True Wealth aims to shield community from the dangers of drugs

The forum aims to enhance community awareness of the dangers of drugs and psychotropic substances, ways to prevent them, and the crucial role that families play in protecting their children. It seeks to educate on the harms of narcotics, combat electronic drug promotion, and introduce the causes and indicators of substance abuse, including protective and risk factors. The forum also emphasizes the role of parents in safeguarding their children, introduces federal laws regarding narcotics, and details treatment and rehabilitation services in the UAE. It aims to promote community integration, monitor challenges, and generate innovative ideas through sessions that utilize digital technologies, social media platforms, prevention workshops, and brainstorming activities.

Diverse and vital topics

The activities focus on several key areas, including the pillars of the Siraj National Anti-Drug Program and the happiness axis, as happiness and positivity are integral parts of daily life. Positivity and optimism help individuals face life’s pressures and enjoy each day without the influence of narcotic substances. Emphasizing good company underscores the necessity of choosing friends who enrich life with awareness and positive advice, aiding personal development and steering clear of bad habits such as substance abuse. The themes also cover the cohesive family, recognizing the family's fundamental role in protecting children from drug abuse. This is achieved by instilling moral principles and values and building strong relationships with children based on love, respect, trust, and dialogue. Strengthening the family’s role in safeguarding children from dangerous behaviors and substance abuse is crucial. Additionally, the healthy body topic highlights the importance of maintaining physical and psychological health, essential for individual development. This involves educating individuals on the health dangers of narcotic substances and enhancing skills to make healthier choices away from these dangers.

Partners teaming up for better community safety

The Ministry of Interior and participating entities organize a wide range of activities and programs, including those for children and young people, such as the preventive studio for future children, and educational competitions. For families, there are innovation labs, dialogue and advisory sessions, and awareness lectures from specialists in drug and psychotropic substance prevention. Discussion and advisory sessions are also conducted by specialists, psychologists, and social workers. The list of partners includes relevant departments of the Ministry of Interior, General Police Commands, Anti-Narcotics Council Committees, the International Hemaya Center from the Dubai Police General Command, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime for the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and the Khalifa Empowerment Program Aqdar.

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