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Page last updated: September 21, 2023
MOI joins world's celebration of the International Day of Peace
  • Thursday, September 21,2023

MOI joins world's celebration of the International Day of Peace

As part of the UAE's annual celebration of the "International Day of Peace" observed annually on September 21, the Ministry of Interior marked this occasion with an array of expanded activities and a series of awareness workshops. These initiatives were designed to engage the public and members of the ministry, reflecting the Ministry's commitment to participating in significant global events.
 These events center on critical international issues that champion human values and principles, advocate for peace and tolerance, promote solidarity and cooperation, and reinforce global efforts for stable and prosperous societies. These endeavors ultimately aim to ensure security and safety while nurturing ambitious and sustainable civilized futures.
The various departments within the Ministry actively participated in these activities, further solidifying their pivotal role and impactful contributions. Acting as a united team, they closely monitored the implementation of the mandates set by the National Committee for International Humanitarian Law. In collaboration with the Department of Human Rights, workshops were conducted, focusing on the theme of "International Humanitarian Law." These workshops were held at the College, involving the police force, the Civil Defense Academy in Abu Dhabi, and virtually all ministry employees. Their primary purpose was to shed light on the principles and responsibilities outlined by this law, elucidate the international implementation procedures, and emphasize its pivotal role in establishing the foundations of global peace.

Brigadier General Dr. Rashid Ali Al Nuaimi, Acting Director General of the Police Judiciary and Deputy Chairman of the working team responsible for overseeing the National Committee for International Humanitarian Law's implementation, commenced the virtual workshop by lauding regional and international peace initiatives.
 These initiatives align with the UAE's rich humanitarian heritage and its civilizational mission rooted in promoting love and tolerance while staunchly rejecting intolerance and hate. Al Nuaimi also underscored the crucial role played by the working group in raising awareness and enhancing the Ministry of Interior's understanding of international laws and agreements.
During their participation, specialists in the workshops delved into the concept of international humanitarian law, tracing its origins back to international treaties and agreements born out of past wars and conflicts in the region. This law's creation aimed to safeguard the rights of civilians and peaceful societies, mitigate the repercussions of armed conflicts and wars, and curtail all forms of hostilities. The speakers also highlighted the UAE's concerted national efforts, both domestically and internationally, to promote the values and ideals of world peace. The UAE has emerged as a pioneering nation in this endeavor, actively joining global treaties and international alliances that foster tolerance and peace. This commitment has positioned the UAE as a unique role model, known for its proactive response during crises and its exemplary philanthropic and humanitarian contributions. Furthermore, the General Directorate for Community Protection and Crime Prevention, represented by the Federal Social Support Department within the Ministry of Interior, collaborated with the Social Support Department in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah to organize a social and educational lecture titled "Sustaining Family Peace."

This event took place at the Youth Center in Ras Al Khaimah and aimed to raise awareness about the vital role of family relationships in society. Families serve as the foundational core for the growth of generations and the flourishing of societies. The lecture explored concepts and strategies that revolve around empowering families to play a positive role in fostering social stability, reinforcing family bonds, and promoting cohesion among individuals. It also emphasized the pivotal position of families in advancing and sustaining comprehensive societal development.

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