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Page last updated: November 16, 2023
The Ministry of Interior celebrates and participates in the celebration of the International Day for Tolerance
  • Thursday, November 16,2023

The Ministry of Interior celebrates and participates in the celebration of the International Day for Tolerance

Coinciding with the UAE’s celebrations of the International Day for Tolerance, which falls on November 16 of each year, the Ministry of Interior participated in this occasion to enhance its pioneering role and effective efforts in the field of consolidating the values ​​of tolerance and human rights and promoting the values ​​of moderation and dialogue, through organizing a group of events.

The Human Rights Department organized a specialized training workshop entitled (Knights of Tolerance) over two consecutive days, as part of its training program on cultural diversity, tolerance and human rights, to promote the values ​​of tolerance among employees and provide them with knowledge and applied skills in the field of societal coexistence, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence, which was presented by Advisor Rashid Ibrahim Al Nuaimi - Advisor for Strategic Planning and Institutional Performance Management at the Ministry of Tolerance and Coexistence.

The workshop covered many topics, through which participants were informed of the basic concepts of tolerance, in addition to providing them with the foundations and skills necessary to provide a tolerant and cooperative work environment, which reflects the ideal image of peaceful coexistence and spreads happiness and satisfaction in the souls of customers. It was implemented in person at the Institute of Police and Technical Sciences in Abu Dhabi.

The administration also organized a virtual session for all the Ministry’s employees on (Tolerance Values ​​in the UAE), in which the UAE’s interest in establishing the values ​​of tolerance in society was highlighted, and the message of justice in establishing the values ​​of tolerance was highlighted, and the role of laws and legislation and the extent of their impact in deepening the values ​​of tolerance. Religious and social in society. The virtual workshop was presented by His Excellency Judge Saeed Malik Ahmed Al Shehhi - Judge of Appeal - Dubai Courts

His Excellency the Judge praised the efforts of the Ministry of Interior in promoting tolerance initiatives at the national and international levels, based on the state’s humanitarian heritage and its civilizational mission based on upholding the values ​​of love and tolerance and rejecting intolerance and hatred. Al Shehhi also touched on the role of Dubai Courts in spreading messages of tolerance and peace to all segments of society through many means. Among the activities and initiatives it provides in the field of settlements, in an effort to consolidate the UAE’s position as a global capital of tolerance.

He also referred to the internal and external national efforts of the United Arab Emirates in establishing the values ​​and concept of global tolerance, and that it is one of the pioneering countries in this aspect through its keenness to join many international treaties that promote the concepts of tolerance and peace, which made it a unique model in the field of tolerance and coexistence. A role model in charitable and humanitarian giving.

The General Administration of Happiness organized a virtual lecture entitled The Roots of Tolerance as part of the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to implement the list of practices supporting the National Program for Happiness and Quality of Life in the Work Environment for the year 2023.

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