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Share your opinion what you think about the awareness-raising on online child sexual exploitation crimes

Page last updated: August 24, 2023
  • Wednesday, December 14,2022

Consultation Subject

The Ministry of Interior invites the general public to give their opinions about awareness-raising of ways to combat online child sexual exploitation and how to enhance the protection of children and provide them with a safe environment.

The objective of consultation:

Through this advice, the Ministry of Interior aims to sound out all opinions and suggestions on stepping up efforts to protect children against all kinds of abuse, neglect and exploitation, combating crime and online child sexual abuse. The Ministry also would like to know their opinion on the awareness-raising efforts on ways of prevention and protection and how to deal with online abuse.

Expected decisions as a result of consultation:

Rolling out programs aimed at raising awareness on ways to combat all forms of violence, exploitation and abuse of children, as well as online crimes and sexual abuse of children.

Video : online child sexual exploitation crimes

Open Date: January 01, 2022
Closed Date: February 28, 2022


Launching a campaign to educate the community and preserve the dignity of children online and raise awareness of the negative effects of sharing child photos and videos who fall victims to sexual exploitation and how to report such content under the slogan "Report it, do not share it." This effort is aimed at advocating children's rights and find ways to protect them and report any abuse they may be subjected to.

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